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1-2-1 Brass and Jazz Tuition

We provide tuition for any brass instrument for anyone ranging from beginner to advanced musicians. Particular attention is paid to developing a secure technique allowing you to perform music efficiently without working too hard. We'll focus on developing correct breathing techniques, solid embouchure formation and control and reliable articulation. All of this ensures you are able to concentrate on making great music with no technical issues getting in the way.

Individual jazz tuition is available to anyone wishing to learn or develop skills in the following areas:

  • jazz harmony

  • improvisation

  • arranging

1-2-1 sessions are also provided for members preparing material for our bi-monthly 'YMF Jazz Jam' sessions where young musicians are able to perform with a professional rhythm section.

Image by Joseph Hersh
1-2-1/ Group Tuition: About

Small Group Sessions

We also provide ad hoc smaller group sessions with specific development goals in mind. This could be sectional sessions to prepare for concerts or competitions, 'Brass Gym' sessions where brass players work on the physical aspects of brass instrument playing.

All 1-2-1 or smaller group sessions take place at our custom-built teaching studio at Bad Bargain Lane in York. The studio is spacious, sound-proofed with a kitchen area so ensemble members can make drinks. There is also a toilet and a comfortable seating area.

1-2-1/ Group Tuition: About
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