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York Music Forum

Terms and Conditions

  • YMF youth ensemble fees are £6.25 per 75 minute session

  • YMF adult ensemble fees are £9.00 per 90 minute session

  • In school YMF ensemble session fees are £5.00 per hour and are chargeable regardless of attendance

  • YMF ensembles continue throughout the year (subject to change)

  • All sessions within traditional term time are chargeable including during any half term break

  • Sessions during traditional Easter, Summer and Winter school breaks are optional

  • Easter, Summer and Winter sessions will be automatically scheduled for all members and it is the responsibility of the parent to cancel the member's attendance via the Portal calendar

  • Family Accounts must be settled by the end of each November, February, May and August

  • Partial payments are available at any point during the above 3 month periods via the Portal

  • A £20.00 administration fee will be charged for accounts with outstanding balances at the end of each 3 month period

  • 1 month notice is required to cancel your ensemble membership

  • YMF 1-2-1 session fees are £32.00 per hour (£16.00 for 30 minutes). 

  • Smaller Group Session fees are £5 per hour per attendee (minimum of 3 attendees)

  • YMF 1-2-1/ Smaller Group sessions are optional

Image by Markus Winkler
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