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About Ian Chalk

Ian is the Musical Director for all our ensembles so it makes sense to tell you something about him and his approach.

Based in York, Ian is a trumpet player performing throughout the UK and a well-known brass and jazz educator. He is a director of Yorkshire Performing Arts Ltd (YMF's parent company). Ian directs all the York Music Forum ensembles and learning groups. Ian also provides individual brass tuition in schools and universities. 

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Rather than a 'teacher' or a 'conductor', Ian sees his role as being nearer to that of a coach. He provides an encouraging environment, resources and opportunities for young musicians to develop their skills and knowledge. In the end no music tutor can make a young person an incredible musician. That can only be done by the young musician themselves taking their instrument seriously and committing sufficient time and energy to grooving their skills. Ian's role is to provide a pathway, support and inspiration. He has a reputation for helping young musicians make high quality music within energetic and accurate ensembles through attention to detail while having lots of fun along the way!

Ian is first aid trained and DBS registered.

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YMF Jazz Orchestra - Music For Youth National Festival 2018, Birmingham Town Hall

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York Music Forum's Jazz Education Programme was a finalist in the Music Teacher Awards For Excellence in 2019 (Best Musical Initiative) and Ian was also a finalist in the York Culture Awards 2018 (Inspirational Teacher).

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