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Harmony And Improvisation

We believe in continuous learning and development for our members. That's why we offer regular learning and practice sessions all about jazz harmony and how to construct improvised solos underpinned by a variety of online resources to support their growth at individual pace. The knowledge and skills they develop allows them to solo with confidence. Our tiered approach is designed to take a beginner to confident improviser level in any jazz setting. Our members move up the tiers when they feel ready to broaden their understanding. Learn everything you need to become a skilled jazz musician!

Our curriculum is designed to cater to members of all levels of knowledge and experience. We have three levels that are tailored to meet the needs of each member. 

Level 1 

1. A Brief History Of Jazz In The 20th Century

2. Jazz Fundamentals

  • Structure

  • Swing

  • Creativity

3. Basic Jazz Harmony​

  • Intervals

  • Keys

  • Scales

  • Chords and Chord/Scale Relationship

  • Major Scale Harmony/ Major Modes

  • Blues

4. Melodic Development

  • Pacing

  • Phrase Construction


Level 2

1. Soloing Over Chord Changes​

  • II-V (major and minor)

  • Lead Sheet Harmonic Analysis

  • Blues Variations

  • Rhythm Changes

  • Coltrane Changes

  • Modal Improvisation

2. Breaking The Rules

3. Playing With Others

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Level 3

1. Modes of the Melodic Minor

2. Symmetric Scales

  • Whole Tone

  • Diminished

  • Derived

3. Improvising Outside The Changes

  • Chromaticism

  • Non-tonal

  • Free Improvisation

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