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Our range of activities and our culture is designed around 5 interlinked concepts to help our members have a lifelong engagement with jazz.



Our activities are designed to help musicians become more confident so they can express themselves on their chosen instrument. Confidence comes from developing musical skills in an encouraging environment. It's important that musicians can perform without fear and can be comfortable in executing their musical ideas. This also helps develop confidence in a broader sense.


Our activities and resources are tailored to assist musicians in enhancing their knowledge of their instrument and music in general. We aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that fosters growth and development in jazz.


Music isn't just about technical knowledge and developing skills. It's also about the joy and emotion that music brings.


This means to work as a team and develop skills which can be used in other aspects of developing musicians' lives. This results in ensembles becoming 'tight' and able to play with accuracy and energy. 'Together' centres around:​

  • Vision: everyone understanding their role and what the aims of ensemble/learning are

  • Respect: we all support each other. That means preparing properly, attending and being on time for sessions and helping each other achieve

  • Fun: there's a reason you 'play' a musical instrument and not 'work' one... it's meant to be fun!


At our core, we believe that the best experiences come from striving to create the best music possible. We achieve this by maintaining high standards of accuracy and musical phrasing, while also allowing our musicians the freedom to express themselves and explore the full potential of their instruments

Where and When

We provide our activities all year round. Our adult jazz ensemble sessions are on Mondays (7:30pm until 9pm) and our youth jazz ensemble sessions are on Wednesdays (6pm until 8:45pm).

All our ensemble sessions take place in the wonderful in-house theatre at The Hive Creative Arts Centre at Manor CE Academy, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York YO26 6PA.  The theatre is also where we will hold many of our public concerts.



Ensemble Sessions​

Youth ensemble sessions (2.5 hours) cost £12.00

Adult ensemble sessions  (1.5 hours) cost £8.00

All sessions are chargeable 

1 month's notice is required to cancel Forum membership


1-2-1/ Smaller Group Sessions

1-2-1 sessions are charged at £34.00 per hour (£17.00 for 30 minutes)

Smaller group sessions are for 60 minutes and are charged at £5.00 per hour per attendee (minimum number of 3 attendees to allow the session to go ahead)


Workshops/ Masterclasses
Fees for these events will vary depending on the cost of providing them and attendance is optional. You will be informed of the cost of each workshop/ masterclass when each event is announced. Members won't be automatically added to these events and you'll register on the Portal for workshops and masterclasses.

Families With Financial Challenges

Where a youth ensemble member benefits from Pupil Premium or receives free school meals there will be no charge for attending Forum sessions. The member must be aged 18 or under and be in full-time education.

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