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Our cutting-edge technology lets our members develop their jazz knowledge and skills skills at their own pace and we've invested in top-of-the-line PA equipment to help our ensembles sound absolutely amazing! Our gear is designed to bring out the best in our performances and help our audiences hear the music at its best.


To be more environmentally conscious and efficient, we have switched from paper sheet music to using iPads for our sessions. This not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also allows for easier access to our library of scores. 


Online Sheet Music

We use the Newzik online sheet music management system. Every Forum member has their own free Newzik account allowing them access to all their sheet music and other learning resources from any device from anywhere!


We've invested heavily in high-quality equipment, including amps, keyboards, synths, microphones and an excellent front-of-house PA system. Our Allen & Heath QU 24 digital mixing desk ensures that every performance sounds its best. Safety is really important so all our equipment (from the biggest sub-speaker to our kettle) are PAT tested.

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